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Staple-Free Stapler

Product information for Staple-Free Stapler

Staple-Free Stapler – Never buy staples again

The innovative and stylish stapler without staples from PLUS Japan is the perfect helper for usage in the office, at home, for working with children, in food-related industries, stores, restaurants or hospitals. Because no staples are used, children are safe from risk of injury and there is no need to worry about staples getting mixed in with food

  • Fastens up to 5 sheets (fastening capacity is based on 80g/sm paper)

  • Insert documents into a paper shredder without the need of removing staples

  • Eco-friendly, made of recycled materials and produces less waste of resources 

  • Ergonomic design, compact size. Available as a Desktop Model.

  • Power assist mechanism reduces necessary force

  • Safe, as no staples are used

  • Fastens on corners and sides

  • External dimensions: W35 x D108 x H74mm

  • Weight: 130g

  • Materials: Steel, Recycled Plastic

Awards for Staple-Free Stapler

Have you ever had to staple something and not found the right staples? Those days are over, because with the stapleless staplers by PLUS Japan you'll never need to buy staples ever again. The unique technology attaches the sheets into one another, making it even more environmentally friendly since fewer resources are consumed. And shredding such stapled documents is now much easier too, as there are no staples that have to be removed beforehand. Companies in the food-processing business or involving sensitive materials can particularly benefit from stapleless staplers, as no metal staples can fall out and be a serious hazard to consumers.