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Welcome to PLUS Japan!

PLUS Japan designs comfort - delivering sophisticated design and user convenience to everyday life. 

PLUS Japan Products

Product group Organising from PLUS Japan

Organisation is half the battle – and it doesn’t need that much space

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Correction Rollers og PLUS Japan

Mistakes happen, even to the best – but this is not a problem

Undo mistakes with the high-tech correction tapes by PLUS Japan.

Product group Data Protection

Protect your confidential data

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Corporate gifts from PLUS Japan

Corporate gifts which impress

Individualise and give away the innovations.

Staplers of PLUS Japan - staplefree, power assisted and flat-clinch

Fasten paper with and without using staples
Innovative stapler - staple-free, power assist and flat-clinch. 

Glue Roller from PLUS Japan

The other way of gluing

Clean precise no smearing full control

Scissors from PLUS Japan

Finally sharp scissors from the tip till the end

The cool kind of school scissors and the practical pocket scissors.

PLUS Japan Catalog 2017

PLUS Japan Catalog 2017

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As market leader in Japan and Asia we develop office supplies with unparalleled quality. Innovative design, technologically outstanding solutions and comfort are key features of our products, which convince in the whole world. This was and is always our aspiration for every new product development.